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April Newsletter

Posted by on Apr 4, 2018

Sierra-Oakhurst Kiwanis Newsletter
April 2018
Bob Spinelli, PRESIDENT

PRESIDENT’S CORNER – Spring has Sprung! YES, we are getting into full gear with fundraisers and events. The Bingo was a success even though we didn’t get the capacity crowd from previous years. We believe the changes we made will bring back the crowds. I want to thank Vicki Burkhalter for chairing this event and a Thank you goes out to all that helped. The Easter Egg Hunt at the Community Park was also successful. The Board voted to give 50% of our Net to the Park. The Park Committee did the advertising and the Kiwanis Logo was prominent.

April 15th, is the Woodcarvers Pancake Breakfast and Dinner. There is a need for helpers at both the breakfast and the dinner. Please volunteer to help. Thank You to Mike Lindman for leading this event.

April 21st, is our Kiwanis One Day. We will be planting 3 trees at the Community Center and memorializing our deceased Kiwanis Members with a plaque and their names on it. Thank you’s go out to Rich McCrae, Gary Marshall and Harvey Left for contributing to this project.

Enjoy the good weather and live life to its fullest.


“Oklahoma” Golden Chain Fundraiser in August. Tickets will be $30.00/guest. Table Sponsors will be $25.00 each. See Dori for details.
Tree Plaques – There are 3 places for trees. John will check to see if Cadets can assist in planting and irrigation system.
Torch of Excellence – Bob, Jerrie, Dori and Harvey will attend
Food Safety Guidelines – a notice of basic food storage regulations will be kept on the fridge at OCC. Vicki will work with Mike Lindman on getting the rest of goods into the inventory and spending for just what we need for future events.
Kiwanis is a Verb – Bob introduced this as a handy tool for new and old members as to history of Kiwanis as well as why we do what we do! Twenty have been ordered.
BINGO – our guests loved it and had a good time; good food, lots of prizes & happy raffle. Although we didn’t do as well as last year all had a good time and are very likely to pass that on for next year’s event.
Easter Egg Hunt – Beautiful Day, lots of kids, but not a lot of eaters! The Board voted to give the Park Comm. 50% of our net profit.
K Kids (Coarsegold) are now 50 members strong! They will be doing their annual clean up at Fresno Flats on April 12
Voted to send 2 cadets to Leadership Camp ($200)
Remember to get your check for $50 or a tube of M&M’s filled to Harvey for MMQ
Relay for Life – Budgeted $500.00 will be contributed

Apr. 3 – Dave Hillman – Safety Presentation
Apr. 10 – Nancy Fikkert “HOW” Program
Apr. 10 – Review Scholarship Apps. Central Valley Comm. Bank at 1:30 pm
Apr. 15 – Wood Carver’s Breakfast and Dinner
Apr. 17 – Nokomis Hernandez – Supervisor Dist. 5 Candidate
Apr. 21 – Kiwanis Day One
Apr. 24 – Terrie Perriera Renaissance Fair
Apr. 30 – Torch of Excellence

May 4 – La Sierra Guild Cinco de Mayo Lunch
May 8- Board Meeting
May 14 – YHS Awards Pgm.
May 21 – Minarets Awards Pgm.
June 1 – Glacier Awards Pgm
June 23 – Rib Fest
Aug. 18 – “Golden Chain Oklahoma Fundraiser”
Sept. 7&8 – “Run for the Gold” Car Show